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When I had started blogging, I was in a shared kitchen with umma. She wouldn’t allow me to bake as such, since she is diabetic and she would say that my baking would actually not allow her to be strict with herself. I would wait for her and D to go for their walks so that I could do the baking. When they would return back, the smell of the bakes would be wafting in the house and she would give me that look – I guess we all know what that look is, yes, the same thing we use with our children too now! πŸ˜€ Life is which goes around, comes around… πŸ™‚


Once D retired and left the country for good, HD found a decent apartment close to where his business is, so we shifted. It’s been four years now in this house, Alhamdulillah. As soon as I got my own kitchen, I went on a baking spree. It is understandable – I had got freedom and I wanted to utilize it. So I would bake every second or third day. My girls would eat little, HD and B would just have one or two pieces and the rest would get packed and brought to office. My colleagues would literally enjoy everything I brought for them. Not even a single time have I heard them say nothing negative. It may be that they didn’t want to dent my feelings and wanted to keep the bakes coming, I don’t know. πŸ˜€




Even though my baking did decrease with time, I would still bake once a week, and they would get a share of it. However, this year, just like I mentioned in the Jaffa Pudding post, my baking went into the back-burner. They would occasionally comment, “What happened? Don’t you bake these days?” πŸ˜€ It does give a good feeling, no doubts about it. It was during the most recent remark that I decided to bake these scones. I have never baked scones for them before, and I was sure they would enjoy them.


These scones are vegan – so you can bake them when you don’t have eggs! I totally loved how they turned out to be – crunchy on the out, yet soft and crumbly on the in. While we use cold butter for scones usually – like in these chocolate chip ones, this one has frozen coconut oil that you grate into your flour. It gives it such a lovely texture. Despite the use of coconut oil and coconut milk, the end result has a very mild coconut flavor that nobody would really mind. It was a truly satisfying bake…


If you see, the scones I baked is quite small – it had just six wedges. I have five colleagues I give to, so one piece was used for tasting purpose and the other five were packed along with one each of the hazelnut biscottis. I asked them to have it with a cup of lightly sweetened black tea. The mild sweetness of the scones and the dark cocoa flavor was actually pushed up by the coffee. Off to the recipe…




There is just another scone recipe on the blog which is one that I really loved and is eggless too, so this is scone recipe number 3… Got to make more of these goodies, InShaAllah… πŸ™‚


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Vegan Chocolate Scones

Course Breakfast
Cuisine British
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 3
Author Rafeeda


  • 1/2 cup wholewheat flour
  • 1/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup frozen coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Line a round small pan with baking paper.
  • Whisk together the dry ingredients. Grate the coconut oil over it and rub with your fingers or with fork till the mixture resembles sand.
  • Pour in the coconut milk and vanilla and bring together the dough. It will be sticky.
  • Pat and shape into a round and transfer to the prepared pan. Cut into six wedges.
  • Bake for 15 minutes. Take out, cut through the line and separate the wedges. Bake for another 10 minutes.
  • Cool completely before enjoying! Or if you can't wait, you can even have it warm!


Linking this up to Valli’s Bake-a-Thon 2018 event…



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  1. Omg, ultimate scones there, feel like having them with warm honey, dunno why am crazy about scones. Just love them warm for my breakfast. Vegan scones rocks sis.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Priyaakka…

  2. I love these scones made with coconut oil. Yummy!

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks Angie!

  3. 5 stars
    I love scones ! always delicious !

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks Gloria!

  4. Lovely scones must be a flavorful one .

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks Nalini…

  5. Love the healthy twist you have added..

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Pankti…

  6. I love the idea of using frozen coconut oil. I am sure it creates the flakiness just like chilled butter. The scones look so gorgeous Rafee.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Gayathri…

  7. Wow amazing one Rafeeda, would love to enjoy this..

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Valli…

  8. They look super yum! Scones are a perfect snack and I would love it with hot milk.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Sharmila…

  9. They look soft and moist like brownies. Must be good with a cup of coffee.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Suma…

  10. Chocolate scones is a great idea. Use of frozen coconut oil is very innovative.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Varada…

  11. 5 stars

    chocolate scones is a nice tea time treat and with the coconut products a great way to make them vegan

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Mir…

  12. I can understand what you mean. When you love baking, you need every small excuse to bake. This vegan cocoa scones looks so delicious and yum.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Renu…

  13. These scones look so tempting and delicious. I have baked scones before but never tried with coconut oil and added chocolate. This is surely a beautiful bake!!

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Swati…

  14. What a yummy scone recipe with wholewheatflour and coconut oil and coconut milk. I love making scones and these are a great variation to the regular butter ones.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Pavani…

  15. you are bringing us 13 delectable ways of usign Chocolate, Rafee ! and these vegan scones are bookmarked and will try soon !! keep bakign and keep sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Kalyani… so good to know you are loving the series… πŸ™‚

  16. 5 stars
    I have never made scones. Good that this one is eggless. I’ll give it a try.Could I replace coconut oil with butter?

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Yes you can! Just that then it wouldn’t be vegan… thanks a lot Ritu…

  17. Scones are looking lovely rafee!! that color is gorgeous! i love baking scones, such a simple and fuss-free food! Black tea sounds like a good company with these scones!!!

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      I would always prefer black coffee, hehe… Thank you so much Priya…

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