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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Coconut Coriander Chicken Curry

Sometimes I feel my blog is becoming too synonymous to its name! Too many sweet stuff and nothing else! Hmm... in fact, of late, I have decided to stop experimenting much with sweet stuff and baking as well, thanks to a few red signals that have been arising. Sometimes, you just need to put your favorite stuff aside for a while till things begin to look back to normal. I am cooking very normal stuff, nothing extraordinary and somehow, stuff that I cook are not turning out the way I would want to be, so as of now it is more of "again to-do" list, so that I can better it and get it into the blog!

As of now, let me put you through this flavorful chicken curry that I had adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, "The Suriani Kitchen". I have already tried the Meen Arappu Roast and the Chakkakuru Varattiyathu from this lovely book, and this is my third trial. This easy to make chicken curry is a delight for the Keralite tongue, taking into account that coconut is a part of it. It sounds similar to the Green Chicken Masala I had cooked sometime back, but with the addition of coconut. It is easy to put together and tastes great with some neychoru or just some chapathis!

Coconut Coriander Chicken Curry
Serves 4
Recipe adapted from "The Suriani Kitchen"

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Mango Entremet

Food blogging opens up a lot of avenues which I would have otherwise never ever tried... Maybe that is one reason why I love blogging - it helps me get over a lot of my fears and become more confident with my cooking and baking skills....

The idea of entremet would have never come into my head, had it not been this post. I am a member of a wonderful group called Fondbites, which is a bake along every week. The mastermind of the group, Suhasini keeps coming up with wonderful bakes every week and it is amazing how everybody so enthusiastically participates! If you are keen, you could hope into the FB page and join in! There is no compulsion to bake, however seeing the bake alongs she comes up with, you will be automatically tempted to! Hehe... I have been slow in baking since I am trying to cut down my baking, though sometimes it is just too irresistable!

The time she had posted her entremet as the bake-along for that week, I had made up in my mind that this would my bake for our anniversary. After planning and planning, going through a lot of recipes on google, finally I made the entremet. Now what is an entremet? As per Wikipedia, an entremet is "a multi-layered mousse-based cake with varying complimentary flavors and varying textural contrasts". Sounds delicious, doesn't it? And mind you, it IS delicious! Definitely, with all those luscious layers loaded with calories, it is indeed delicious.

Off to the way this delicious cake - or should I call it dessert? - was made...

Mango Entremet
Makes an 8 inch cake

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mix and Bake Chocolate Beetroot Cake

You never realise how versatile vegetables can be in baking till you use it. My first tryst with beetroot were in these eggless red velvet cupcakes and after that I had tried this particular cake while taking them for my cousins. That time, I ran out of cocoa powder so my cake looked more reddish than brownish. I left them with a trivia and they were not able to guess what went into that cake, till I told them that it had beetroot. Beetroot puree lends such a lovely moistness to this cake and enhances the flavor of the chocolate, giving it a nice deep color. Even the kids enjoyed it very much since there is no feeling of having a vegetable into your cake!

If you check out my posts, I have baked with vegetables before in the form of this ever favorite carrot cake as well as this zucchini-carrot bread as well. Off to the way this one was made...

Mix and Bake Chocolate Beetroot Cake
Makes a large loaf
Recipe adapted from here

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Green/ Hara Chutney ~ and a salad idea!

I wanted to save this up as soon as I read it... nothing more required as a reminder... I somehow feel that I end up reading such reminders when my faith shows a little waiver here and there... Alhamdulillah... :)

"He, Allah (swt), subjects you to harm, pain, or discomfort from others so that you do not acquiesce to them, so that you do not depend on them, so that you do not seek them, but you seek Him. He intended that you feel a discomfort in those that are nearest to you let alone those who are distant to you, expect that, but don't respond to it in negative ways, for this occurs between husband and wife, teacher and student, between friends and even from a pet. Respond to it with an awareness as it is a divine expression of life. He (swt) wants to give you Him. If responded to properly, with each feeling of discomfort you experience you lose the attachment to them until you have nothing in your heart but Allah(swt). This discomfort is intended to help you free yourself from distractions from Him until your heart is full of nothing but infinity, for infinity subsumes everything else. This is the ultimate recipe for happiness in this world and the hereafter."
From Zawiyah Institute - Sh. Mokhtar Maghraoui 's recent jumua khutbah at the Plano Masjid in TX

Today's recipe is something that a lot of Indian homes already make. The Green Chutney is a staple - good for sandwiches, as topping for chaat, or just to lick while having your bowl of rice! It is a good way to use up the bunch of mint and coriander leaves which would otherwise go rancid. I have made it slightly less spicy, still I had the whole house sniffing to glory while having it. Hehe! I also share a very quick salad idea, which goes so well with a plate of biriyani! A colleague had suggested this to me when he had it at a friend's home and that got me trying it, though I didn't have it along with lunch and had it as such. It was fiery yet super cooling as well, in every sense!

Green/Hara Chutneyv~ and a salad idea!
Makes a little bottle