Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eggless Black Forest Rolls

This month is almost ending.... Wow! Two months of 2015 is done! So soon... Thinking about the start of the year till now, I still have not done much to be proud about, especially on my weight side! The HD is clearly getting irritated about my "I don't care" attitude towards my weight and before he shows me the door, I have to do something seriously about it... or would I really do anything about it? ;) Alhamdulillah, I am on the taller side, which means that my height very conveniently camouflages my extra weight, but that definitely does not give me the excuse of not taking care of myself... hmm... Even after this, you will continue to see a lot of sweet stuff coming up on the blog since I have quite a bit in my drafts, but as of now, I have already decided to put a slight stopper on my sweet madness. Let's see how far I will be able to take it on... :)

Till then let's enjoy these wonderful buns, filled with cherry compote and crumbled chocolate cake to give it a Black Forest flavor. I have already baked a black forest cake previously and then never made it again, or never got a chance to. So when Aparna declared these buns as the challenge of the month, I couldn't resist making them over the weekend. I have had a cut out of this recipe in my scrap book for quite some time and have been wanting to make them, but as usual, it was languishing in between the long list. Finally I made them, and that too eggless, as I halved the recipe and made just enough for our little family for breakfast. The egg may have made the bun a bit more softer, but I am not complaning, as it was wiped out in flat 15 minutes! Even the cherry averse Rasha, though she did give a frown seeing the reds peeping out, still finished it and said that it tasted good - I am sure it is because of the chocolate cake! Hehe... Thank you, Aparna, for the wonderful challenge - loved baking them...

Eggless Black Forest Rolls
Serves 3 - Makes 6 rolls
Recipe adapted from here

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apple Crumble

Have you noticed something? I was just going through this month's post and the majority has been sweets! In any form to say... This month totally justifies my blog name as well! Please don't think I have sweets all throughout the day... That's definitely not true! I do make sweets on and off, but I make it small quantity so that we all enjoy it in moderation, just enough to satisfy our craving. HD is not a sweet loving person, but B and me, along with the kids love sweet and therefore whatever is made is usually wiped off. The bigger portions however get distributed all over the place - either it gets carried along with me to a relative's or friend's house, or part of it comes to my colleagues, or else gets packed off to HD's office. Am I trying to justify myself for all the sweets that I cook??? I really don't know... hehe...

Continuing off from yesterday's Badusha post, the international dessert chosen for this month's Sweet Fantasy Club happened to be Apple Crumble. What a relief it was when I heard it! Not because I was excited to make it, but because it was already made by me last month and was in the list of drafts waiting for its chance to get published! So at least, I didn't have to make both the desserts this month! Hehe... Apple Crumble is an dessert which has a cinnamon flavored apple base, topped with crunchy crumble layer. I got this recipe from a mini booklet that came along with the newspaper and was really satisfied with the outcome of the recipe! I have only made half the recipe, as posted here and definitely you can easily double the recipe for larger portions!

Apple Crumble
Serves 3

Monday, February 23, 2015

Badusha/ Balushahi

Last month, when I started my first challenge under the Sweet Fantasy Club, I had mentioned how making Indian sweets worries me. The challenge last month, which was the Basundi was not very hard to concur but this time what was given was something that made my knee jerk. Badusha or Balushahi, which is basically Indian style doughnuts dunked into rich sugar syrup, is something that we always enjoy buying from out and enjoying. In fact, I never knew that this sweet, what we call as "neyvada" in our place, had a nice official name! Ahem... Talk about things that blogging teaches you. Each time we go home, we come back with a big box of these beauties and enjoy them in small doses daily till the box is complete. While typing this, I am literally drooling... hehe...

When Preeti gave the challenge for the month, I kept searching and searching and I wanted the easiest recipe with the minimum quantity. First of all, it is my first trial and in case if it fails - not that I am under confident! - I didn't want to trash it! That is when I found a nice crisp recipe from Sarani's space, which she had adapted from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe. It was perfect, just not more, not less! I finally got a hang of the "one string" consistency. I saw in a few blogs that you could test it by using your wooden spoon rather than the finger, which kind of scares me! Do refer to the notes as to how I tackled it. Off to the way I made it...

Badusha/ Balushahi
Makes 6
Recipe from here

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Be My Guest - Sakkarai Pongal/ Sweet Pongal

Time for the new guest. One of my favorite bloggers to say, I always eagerly wait for her posts because even a simple Apple Milkshake just looks amazing. When I praise her photography, she keeps saying that what she does is very minimal but anybody who goes on and checks out her blog will surely agree that this young blogger is improving in her food pictures on a post by post basis!

Today, I have with me Sona, who blogs at "Spill the Spices". Hers is a vegetarian blogs with a variety of Keralite and Tamilian delicacies and some delicious bakes as well. I chat with her on and off, however off late, we have been chatting once a week and I really enjoy my conversations with her. She makes me feel as though I am having a conversation with a younger sister. Even though I had requested her a guest post some time back, she had her own commitments and finally was in time for this month's guest post. She was worried whether she was late, however I convinced her that I am used to these last minute fixes and she needs to be relaxed about the post. Hehe... I must say that her post was worth all the waiting! This dish called Sakkarai Pongal is something that I was introduced to through blogging. Though I have not made it personally yet, any time a blogger posts this recipe, I would just drool on this recipe. Still I haven't made it yet, what a shame! Now that Sona has send it to me to tempt me albiet virtually,  I guess I have to buck myself and cook it up sometime!

Till then, let us drool over her pictures and go through what she has to say...