A little step…

I already have a little blog and I had started putting up some recipes on… but then thought, why not separate my recipes and random rambllings? Thus came up this blog. It is definitely going to be a very slow start, as I am not sure how much I will be able to manage, with work, home and the kids. But then I am targetting at one post a week, which should be manageable, I suppose. I thought first I will move all my recipe posts from my general blog to this one and then start posting new recipes. Hope I get some support in this big world of food blogs!!! :)Disclaimer: I am no great cook, but a very mediocre one, rejoicing each time I have a successful cooking experience. So each time I do that, I will post it here so that you guys can try. I am looking forward with lots of excitement to this venture of mine for sure!!!

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