Story Telling with Food Event – extended till May 10

After lot of contemplation, I decided to extend the period of my first event till May 10. I thought 20 days was too short a time to do an event, so here it is, extended!!!

For the rules and regulations, you can refer to the announcement here and link in your entries over here. I will personally go through each entry and select the best, that really excites me!!! So keep the entries coming in, hope to receive from you guys… 🙂
You may link in your entries here…


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  1. Let me send u something, somehow am bit weak in telling story with food,let me try sis.

    1. thank u so much priyaji… appreciate your initiative…

  2. Hey Rafeeda.. Happy Hosting.. Have linked in my entry dear 🙂

    1. thank u dear… 🙂

  3. I am sooo happy to learn that you have extended the event end date. I ran into your blog only now and am amazed to see the wide variety of recipes!! Definitely gonna participate!!

    1. thank u avika… hope to receive your entry… 🙂

    2. Sorry Rafeeda. Couldnt send an entry for ur event. Got too busy unexpectedly and missed participating 🙁 athishayapathiri is in my to do list for this month. But some travel is being planned. So I really have to try hard to make it next week end otherwise it may not be possible to complete this month 🙁

    3. that's fine avika… sometimes things don't go as we plan them, do they??? it's ok, there's always next time… 🙂

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