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I have never before on this blog done any other posts apart from posts for Saturday Snapshots and some basic cooking posts. The only book review I have done was for Jehanne’s cookbook. Though sometimes I think about reviewing restaurants just as a part of blogging, I somehow don’t seem to like the idea. I may not be clear with my reasons but I feel it incorrect to influence somebody else’s thoughts with my opinion. There are so many restaurants that people like and recommend, but when you go there for dining, you don’t like it, and happens vice versa as well. So I prefer to stay clear of that. In case I get an opportunity for restaurant reviews, then that’s a different case, but as of now, from the personal front, I guess it is better I stay away from it.Now, this post is to enumerate the experience that I had at the cooking class that I recently won, thanks to a contest by Lurpak Arabia. This was the first time I am attending a cooking class, so you can imagine how excited I was when I got the call. The class was done at a very cozy place in Jumeirah, Top Chef Cooking School. We had a session on October 20 from 2 pm to 4:30 pm and we were a small group of 7.


The main purpose of the class was to show the uses of the new range that Lurpak has come up with – baking butter, butter blocks, cooking spray, cooking butter and clarified butter. Our Chef Alexandre did a fantastic job by explaining to us very clearly in the recipes of how to use all these ingredients. Yes, definitely an overload of butter but we enjoyed the experience. Some pictures that I have clicked from my Iphone to summarize the experience.



We started off with making the base for the raspberry tart first, the recipe of which is so similar to this one. He used the baking butter for making the base, and used the 50 gm blocks in the filling. We then proceeded to prepare the base for the caramelised shallots with garlic and thyme, chopped potatoes for the mash, minced onions for the mincemeat filling, made tomato huts, cut chives and sundried tomatoes and mix them up in some butter mist. It felt like we were in our kitchen with a chef to guide! Hehe… The chef used the cooking butter while cooking the mince and the onions. This is one thing that I would love to buy – there are some recipes that we like to use butter, eg. while making white sauce or sometimes for some shallow frying. This one just took my attention. The mince, onion, roasted almonds and some parsley were mixed and filled into the tomato huts, and then cooking in some water with cooking spray till done.


He also showed us how to make awesome mashed potatoes, of course with loads of butter and Hollandaise sauce. Then he proceed to sear some salmon, seasoned with salt and pepper in the clarified butter and then baked for 8 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Just have a look at what we made and ate!



That’s the Raspberry Tart as the dessert, Stuffed Tomatoes with Minced Meat and Caramelised Shallots for starter and Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and Hollandie sauce as main – uff, it was just so heavy on the tummy… Definitely it was an awesome experience of seeing the use of the new range and I would definitely love to start using them in my cooking. I went back home feeling a bit drowsy with the overload of butter but then just skipped dinner and had lots of water to overcome the feeling. Hehe…


Disclaimer: This post is not a paid post to promote Lurpak or Top Chef Cooking School. The post is made only to enumerate the wonderful experience I had.


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  1. i am sure you had so an amazing experience.. the meal is looking just perfect… nothing more beautiful than this..

  2. wow they r looking so yummy.. hope u had grt learning..

  3. Very nice rafee. ..lucky you. ..

  4. Great experience… Lovely clicks

  5. nice 🙂 keep going!!

  6. wow lucky you. !!:)

  7. What an experience it was Raf. I would have loved such a cooking class. The dessert is simply tempting.

  8. Rafee the searing salmon pic is awesome with steam I wish that got a bigger space here.Hope to see you cook some recipes u learnt from there.
    Butter cooked is the best than any other oil.

  9. I can imagine what a lovely experience you must have had…drool worthy recipes

  10. Lucky u Rafee to have got such a wonderful opportunity… Hope to c some recipes that u learnt to be put up in ur blog

  11. U got a great opportunity…. I can feel d excitement u had and the dishes are tempting me….. 🙂

  12. Thank you so much dear friends… hoping to make them at home sometime and share them with all of you… 🙂

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