Mission Explore Food: Lentils from June 5 to July 5, 2013

I am pleased to inform that this month, I will be hosting the “Mission: Explore Food” event, which is the brain child of Sheelu and Pallavi. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to host the event!


This month, the focus is on lentils. Lentils is a major part of our food cycle, providing a very important element called protien. I am sure that all of us cook lentils in some or the other form daily in our lives, whether be it savory or sweet. Let us use this platform to show our culinary skills while cooking lentils for this month!!!


Off to the event rules:
1. Event is from June 5 to July 5.
2. Maximum 2 archived entries will be accepted.
3. Please send as many recipes as you can. More the better..
4. Recipes can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
5. Please link you recipes to this event announcement page, CookCookandCook and Thoushaltcook – it is mandatory.
6. Use of the logo is mandatory.
7. Please link your recipes in the linky tool. If you have any issues linking up or you are a non-blogger, please send your recipes via email to [email protected] with the following details
Subject: Mission – Lentils
Your Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe or URL (for blogger):
Recipe Photo:
8. Entries that do not follow the above rules will be DELETED.


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  1. Brilliant idea with the much loved lentils, especially the many different varieties.

  2. Making a start with my archived posts Rafeeda 🙂 Lovely Event!!

  3. Same here.. submitting as soon as I reach home 🙂

  4. Happy hosting.. will link my entries..

  5. Happy hosting Rafeeda 🙂

  6. Happy hosting dear, will try to link my recipes as well…

  7. Awesome event Rafeeda.. Have linked in my 2 archieved posts.. Will definitely add more fresh entries.. Happy hosting dear 🙂

  8. Happy hosting! i will now scour my archive and failing that will need to make some lentill stuff then for u 😛

  9. Happy Hosting Rafeeda 🙂
    Will send my entries too !!

  10. Happy hosting sis..Will send my entries.

  11. Lovely event, will send my entries soon. Happy hosting dear.

    today's post:

  12. Happy Hosting dear.. !! Will link in my entries soon.. 🙂

  13. Happy hosting this wonderful event. Rich in proteins.

  14. Thank u so much all, hope 2 c ur entries… 🙂

  15. Have linked my entry..

  16. Hi Rafeeda..
    I am here for the fisrt time… Nice event … happy hosting

    I have linked one of my archievd entries..

    Also please checkout my ongiong event "Monsoon Temptations" on http://indian-delights.blogspot.com

    Following you on GFC

  17. happy hosting..ll link my entries soon:)

  18. Have linked 2 of my entries:)

  19. Happy hosting Rafee ! have linked an archive

  20. thank you so much ladies… 🙂

  21. Have linked another entry… Dahi Phulki… Will try to link more… Happy hosting Rafeeda 🙂

  22. Have sent another entry… Vegetarian Dalcha.. Will try to add some more… Happy hosting Rafee 🙂

  23. Finally able to participate in one of the events hosted by you dear:) Send 3 entries. Do check it out 🙂 Happy Hosting !!!

  24. A lovely event!!! I've linked my "Lebanese Lentils Rice", known as 'Mujaddara' in Middle-Eastern countries… 🙂

  25. thank u so much ladies for your active participation… 🙂

  26. Have sent another recipe Rafee..Instant Sambhar.. Happy hosting dear 🙂

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