Mint Black Tea/ Pudina Sulaimani

It’s been long since I have posted a quote on the blog, I suppose. I wasn’t doing it mainly because I always had something or the other to rant about in every post of mine! Only when I face a dearth of subjects do I go to quotes for solace! 🙂 Today, though I have loads of words and ideas flinging in my mind, the ambiance and the mood is missing. Aren’t there times when you have quite a bit to express but then what comes out is sPino little? I am in a similar situation now and during these times, I really don’t enjoy bragging. So there you go, the quote for today:


Quite thought provoking… it is a very important yet difficult trait to develop. Many of us tend to panic and break down in difficult situations and I am no different. There were times when I have felt helpless, so desperate to seek solutions to matters that I know that I will not get instant relief, but still I have tried to see if I could do something and despaired. Not anymore, Alhamdulillah. It takes a lot of matters to reach that stage – a shift in your thought process, a change in your circumstances, a direction from the Almighty himself…


After having posted a heavy duty biriyani yesterday, I thought of posting something that goes so well after a meal of biriyani. Don’t we all feel sleepy as soon as we are done with a heavy meal? We all do, or at least I do! Most of the time at home, we always settle for a cup of hot black tea to settle down the uneasiness. If the tea has a tinge of mint, then the process will be much faster. Just sharing with you today my take on black tea with mint…



Mint Black Tea/ Pudina Sulaimani

Course Hot Drinks
Cuisine Malabar
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2
Author Rafeeda


  • 2 cups fresh water
  • 1/2 tsp tea powder
  • 1 sprig mint leaves
  • Sweetener of your choice


  • Pour the water into your tea saucepan and bring to boil.
  • As soon as you start seeing bubbles on the side, add in the tea powder along with the cleaned mint leaves.
  • Once boiled, switch off the flame and leave the tea for a couple of minutes for the mint to seep in.
  • Sieve and serve in your cups or glasses, sweetened with sugar or honey, as required! Seriously good for settling down any tummy heaviness... 🙂


The lightness/ darkness of the tea is all upto you. I prefer a mid color, as when tea gets dark, it tends to be bitter in taste.

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  1. soothing one for this winter..

    1. thank u so much kalpana…

  2. refreshing and ys it does help digestion after a heavy meal.

    1. thank u so much mayuri…

  3. perfect and flavorful tea, healthy tea as well….

    1. thank u so much priya…

  4. like its color.. highly refreshing…:)

    1. thank u so much laxmi… 🙂

  5. refreshing and flavourful tea

    1. thank u so much nandoo…

  6. adipoli Sulaimaniii…perfect after biriyani alle ? ur pics in day light r grt Rafee..I loved ur biriyani pic too ..keep up the good work =D

    1. thank u so much vinee… that's a huge compliment! this was an afternoon pic, so the light helped but the biriyani wasn't, i had made it for dinner once… i guess the light in the room and some photo adjustments helped!!! 🙂

  7. as you have said its good digestion,my hubby like it not me

    1. thank u so much babitha…

  8. very flavorful and healthy tea..

    1. thank u so much gayathri…

  9. Oh,that's an amazing variation of regular sulaimani..loved it.

    1. thank u so much dhyuthi…

  10. very refreshing and soothing drink…liked its color and nice pic too!

    1. thank u so much sangeetha…

  11. just perfect for a winter breakfast.

    1. thank u so much linsy…

  12. Mint tea is my favorite too….looks super healthy!

    1. thank u so much viki…

  13. The sulaimani pic has come out very well Rafee… I thought lime also goes into it.

    1. normally we make sulaimani with only lime, or only mint, or only cardamom, or nothing at all!!! hehe… i've never tried combinations, next on my list for sure… thanks a lot dear…

  14. refreshing n flavorful tea…

    1. thank u so much divya…

  15. perfect for winter…

    1. thank u so much bhawna…

  16. I love tea Rafee, look delicious!!

    1. thank u so much gloria…

  17. I am not a big tea fan but this tea is good for helath.

    1. thank u so much sharon…

  18. this is my 'companion' after a loooong tiring day!

    1. thank u so much jehanne…

  19. I am loving the minty punch in the tea. Will pluck some of the mint leaves from my garden for this recipe.

    1. thank u so much nava…

  20. So refreshing.
    Love sulaimanis. I will also add some lemon to it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. thank u so much dear…

  21. One of favorite… But never did the mint version.. 🙂 Thank for the recipe

    1. thank u so much rekha… 🙂

  22. This is definitely a good thing to have after having stomach full of Biriyani….ahh kothiyavunnu…. we make it with lemon …never knew of the mint version..

    1. thank u so much anupa…

  23. Loved the quote and loved the tea too!! I tried it once at a relative's place and she also added lemon to it and served chilled!! It was totally refreshing…

    1. thank u so much dear…

  24. Delicious sulaimani chaya, it is not enough always.

    1. thank u so much swathi…

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