Cooking With Seeds (CWS) December 2013: Rice – Event Announcement

I am pleased to announce that I am hosting the Cooking with Seeds (CWS) event for the month of December 2013. This event is the brain child of Priya Suresh, who blogs at Priya’s Versatile Recipes, and frankly speaking, I don’t think Priya akka needs any introduction! I would like to thank her for giving me the opportunity for hosting this lovely event for the month.


The seed chosen to be represented this month is “Rice”. Rice is the most consumed dish as far as Indians are concerned and used in a wide variety of dishes from starters to main course to puddings. So all you need to do is to link in your rice entries for this event!
The event rules are as follows…
  • The event runs from 1 to 31 December 2013.
  • You can cook anything from. It can be a starter, main dish, side dish, dessert or any other recipes.
  • Bloggers, please link your recipes using the linky tool below.
  • Usage of logo is appreciated for all entries as it would help spread the word.
  • You can link both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.
  • You can submit as many recipes as you wish.
  • Archived recipes can also be submitted when updated with the event details.
  • Not mandatory, but will be highly appreciated if you can like us on Facebook for updates and recipes.
  • Non bloggers can send in their recipes to my email with following details: your name, recipe name and details.

So friends what are you waiting for? Please start linking your mouth watering recipes in the linky tool…


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  1. Looking forward to the recipes. Rice – one of those I can't give up in life.

  2. happy hosting dear…nice event,will try to link my recipes 🙂

  3. Assala-O-Alaikum Dear,

    Even a cleverest woman can't cook a meal without 'RICE' 😉
    count me in. 🙂

  4. happy hosting.. will try to link recipes.. 🙂

  5. happy hosting.. will link few soon..

  6. Hi,I just posted a rice recipe on my blog,how do I link up to this

  7. Hi,I think I figured out how to link my post,I'm new to blogging,so if I need to make any edits,please let me know and I'll be happy to edit the info.I'm excited to be part of the rice event :)!

    1. u've done it perfect!!! thank u for linking in… 🙂

  8. Happy hosting dear…will send my recipes soon 🙂

  9. Hi Rafeeda, i could link to this page but I could not link to the CWS page…can you tell me how to donthat?

    1. hi priyanka… i would recommend u open one of the already linked entries here, and see how they have done it – It is basically mentioning "Linking this to CWS Rice Event being hosted by The Big Sweet Tooth", and place link on 'CWS' to Priya's page and link of my page on the 'Rice' word… I hope I've been able to understand.

  10. Hi Rafeeda, thanks for letting me know abt ur blog…. 🙂 and am excited to see an ongoing event about "Rice" in ur blog. I had linked few recipes from my blog… I hope i have done that correctly. Please check and lemme know if i need to change any thing…

  11. Yey!!! Have linked 5 of my entries here… 🙂 Happy Hosting, Rafee!!!

  12. Hey Rafeeda!
    I noticed a lot of main course dishes and desserts. I thought I can share my two bits with an appetizer. Have linked my entry with the event & page links updated on the post.

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