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I just realized that it has been a little over a year since I had the last guest over on the blog. I was wondering where did the one year go. In between this one year, a lot of things changed in the food blogging world too. Many “food bloggers” have come up on the macro blogging platform of Instagram, especially during the lock-down periods. I have to admit that some of them are amazingly good photographers. Even the most simple dishes are clicked superbly. With techniques floating all over of how to create dazzling food photography, sometimes I feel drowned in between with my not-so-special clicks. 🙂 Moreover, many seem to have moved from reading blogs to watching YouTube videos, or even better short videos on TikTok or on IGTV.


Anyway, coming back to where I started, after a little hiatus, I am back with a guest today on the blog. I am planning to do alternate months of book review and guest posts on every last Saturday of the month, but it totally depends on how much I am able to manage my schedules and my moods – very important! 😉 Last month, I did a book review after a long time, if you did notice. 🙂 The blogger I have today is a favorite. Her photography is exceptional, yet she is such a down-to-earth person who is so approachable and friendly to the core. I have know Nimmi, who blogs at Adorable Life, for a few years now. I really don’t remember how our paths crossed, but I am glad to have known her in this food blogging journey. She is a fellow Malayalee, but her blog wouldn’t even give you a hint of it. Hehe… I feel lost trying to search what I love in her photography, whether it is this Banana Pannacotta Jelly Parfait or this Creamy Egg Curry. More than her blog, her Instagram handle gives away a lot more about her beautiful photography. She has done professional shooting projects in Qatar as well. She recently started her You Tube channel that showcases videos with tips about photography as well as recipe posts. I am really glad to have her on the space with her guest post… Maybe we should just go in!




Assalamu Alaikkum… Myself Nimmi Afzal from Adorable Life. I started the journey of food blogging back in 2014. It was indeed an amazing experience. Eventually the blog became just like a baby of mine. Through this food blogging journey I discovered another passion of mine which is photography. So these days I am more into food photography and styling projects. But still trying to keep my passion for cooking alive through the blog and Youtube channel. Another best thing that I love about this blogging journey is a bunch of amazing friends whom I got from around the globe. Rafeeda itha has always been there in list from the beginning.  So happy to be a part of her blog through this guest post. Thanks to the Almighty for all the blessings.  Wishing you all happiness and peace..


Cheesecake is that one dessert which my family loves like anything. I used to think this is something that we can’t make at home. My first attempt of making cheesecake ( almost 7 years back)was a miserable failure. Later I realized that using the right ingredients and following proper measurements are so important to master this dessert. As a result of constant trails now Alhamdulillah I can make this dessert without much effort. Now I thoroughly enjoys the process of cheesecake making.


When Rafeeda (itha) dear asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was super happy and excited. Being a regular follower of her instagram page, I know her love for desserts. So thought of bringing a sweet dish to her awesome space in the internet. I really adore the way she do multitasking being a working mom and food blogger. The best thing is that she is very consistent with her blog posts. I wish her all the very best and lots of love… Let this blog bring her more happiness and success…




So let’s see the recipe of super easy No Bake Mango Cheesecake.



For the cheesecake :

  • Cream Cheese- 500 grams
  • Mango Puree – made with 2 ripe mangoes
  • Unsalted Butter- 150 grams
  • Powdered Sugar- 1 cup ( or as per your taste )
  • Gelatin- 1 sachet/ 10 mg ( mix it with warm water according to the instructions given on the packet )

For the cheesecake base:

  • Butter- 1/2 cup (melted)
  • Cookies / Crackers/Biscuits – 10-12 nos.


( Special Note: we need a round cheesecake pan with removable bottom , mixing bowl, egg beater and parchment paper. Cut the parchment paper according to the bottom of the pan. The quantity of sugar can be added as per your taste.) 

Method :

  1. First of all , put the cookies inside a zipper bag and close it properly. Later beat it with a rolling pin to a fine powder like consistency. If you want , you can put it in a food processor to do the same.
  2. Now transfer this powdered cookie mixture into a bowl. To this pour the melted butter and mix well with a spoon.
  3. Grease the pan with some butter . Then place the parchment paper inside the pan (this step is optional). Now add the powdered cookie mixture to the pan and press it hard to the bottom of the pan using a spoon or spatula. Then leave it in the fridge till the cheesecake mixture gets ready.
  4. Now let’s make the mango cheesecake. Take a big mixing bowl and then add the cream cheese and butter to it. Mix it well with a hand beater. Later start adding the powdered sugar little by little.
  5. Now add the mango puree to the cream cheese mixture and mix it well with the spatula. Finally finish it off by adding the gelatin mixture and mix it one last time with the beater.
  6. Later pour the mango cheesecake mixture to the cheesecake pan and keep it in the fridge overnight or at for least for 3-4 hours.
  7. While serving place mango slices on top of the cheesecake to make it look beautiful.

Our Mango cheesecake is ready!!




Thank you so much Nammi for taking time off your busy schedule and gracing my little space with your wonderful cheesecake. It looks so delicous, and I am in love with the mango design on the top. I urge that all of you give her a visit on her blog and her Instagram handle – already tagged above, and give her a like and drool over her clicks too!


Have a great weekend ahead… 🙂


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