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PinBack with another guest post this year… 🙂 Just like I perused Usha for a guest post from last year, Maria was another blogger I have been behind for a guest post for the blog. Do I sound like a stalker? I don’t think I am. Maybe I am nice, well mannered stalker. 😉


Maria is the blogger behind “Foodaholic“. I love her blog for the simple fact that she shares simple Pakistani dishes. I love Pakistani food and have tried a few recipes by myself, though I would like to cook more of it in the coming future, InShaAllah. Her recipes are easy to follow and her pictures are very comforting. There are so many dishes that I have already bookmarked from her blog, like the Dhwan Dahi Ghosht, Pakistani Fish Karahi (to be made after my girls go on vacation this month end 😉 ) and Suji Ki Tikki. This is just a small portion of the goodness that she has on her blog. Do go and check it out… 🙂


So coming back to the stalking, after some subtle emails and messages, finally she emailed me this super simple yet flavorful Anday Cholay Ka Salan – a combination that I have never imagined before. Anda and cholay are always meant to be separate but both together sounds like an awesome amalgamation. I totally love Murg Cholay, so I am sure that this gravy would be amazing as well. Without much ado, let me hand over the stage to my guest for today… 🙂




Anday Cholay ka Salan, Eggs & Chickpeas Curry:
Everyday food just can’t be lavish and time consuming. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring or plain either! We can convert many Pakistani curries to quick and healthy meals just by holding back on the quantity of oil, increasing the use of ginger and garlic, and spicing up simple ingredients. Anday Cholay ka Salan or Egg and Chickpeas Curry is one such delightful recipe that is filling, nutritious and gets done in minutes.


Regular readers of my blog know how much I love eggs. I think they are the best instant food which is delicious and healthy. What can be more energizing than eggs paired with the goodness of chickpeas, really! That is why these two ingredients, eggs and chickpeas are very popular in Pakistani dhaba/street food culture because they are energizing and keep one satisfied for a longer time without breaking the bank. If you don’t load up on oil, this recipe is perfect for weight watchers. I make the curry/Shorba with a soupy consistency and mostly eat a bowlful with a spoon, without any rice or roti because chickpeas are filling enough and require no added  carbs to make the meal feel complete.




*Yogurt in the recipe can be replaced with three tomatoes.

*If you have boiled or tinned chickpeas, your curry shall be done within 15-20 minutes.

*Just remember to rinse the tinned chickpeas to get rid of extra salt and preservatives before you add them to the curry.

*If you want to cook chickpeas from scratch, then soak them overnight in water with a pinch of salt and baking soda. No need to boil them separately, you can add them straight into the sautéed masala with lots of water and cook covered for an hour or till they are done.

*It’s easier to boil a large batch of chickpeas once and freeze them for quick availability when required. To store the chickpeas longer for future use, boil and drain all excess liquid. Pat them dry and store in small portions in plastic containers or zip log bags.




2 tablespoons ghee (clarified butter) or cooking oil of your choice
1 medium onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic
1/2 inch piece ginger
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
salt to taste
2 black cardamoms
1 cup plain yogurt
2 cups boiled or tinned chickpeas
4 hard boiled eggs
Green chilli peppers and fresh coriander for garnishing

This Is What You Do:


Heat oil in a deep pan, add onions. Fry till golden brown.Scoop them out of oil. Add fried onions, ginger, garlic and yogurt to a blender. Whiz to make a smooth paste.

Add the onion paste back to the pan, add all the spices, chilli powder and salt.

Sauté the masala till it turns darker in colour and oil separates from it.

Add boiled/tinned chickpeas. Add enough water to make curry. I keep mine of a soupy consistency so usually add 2+1/2 cups of water.

Reduce heat. Cover the pan and let it simmer for 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile boil eggs and cut them into halves lengthwise.

Pour chickpeas curry in the serving dish. Place egg halves over it. Garnish with chopped green chillies and coriander.

Serve hot with plain roti or steamed rice.

Serves 4
A former English language and literature
teacher from Lahore, Pakistan, Maria
Nasir is a hands-on mom for whom
cooking is an expression of love,
generosity and warmth. Author of three e-cookbooks, she also runs her own food catering business from home.
Maria’s blog is a complete package of tried and tested recipes for everyone  – from traditional to fusion, from cooking with kids as well as flavours from around the world.
Besides cooking, Maria enjoys reading books and painting.

That whole bowl above looks just a killer breakfast you would need with a strong cup of chai on a weekend or a chilled morning, isn’t it? Thank you so much Maria for coming by and being a part of the blog. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend… 🙂

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  1. ooh new food blog to explore. well mannered stalker Haahahahaha

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Hehe… thanks a lot Nammi…

  2. That’s a delicious and hearty dish. Lovely guest post!

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Taruna…

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