Be My Guest



In this series, I will feature my favorite bloggers, who have been kind enough to accommodate my request and agreed for a post on my humble blog!!! 🙂 I would be glad, in case if anybody would love to feature on my blog, would love to hear from you! Please do email me at <> with your details… 🙂


Guest post #1: Meena from “Elephants and the Coconut Trees” – Ellunda with a Twist

Guest post #2: Hasna from “Kachus Delights” – Muttamaala (Egg Garlands)

Guest post #3: Noor from “Ainy Cooks” – Punjabi Colored Shahi Zarda

Guest post #4: Jehanne from “The Cooking Doctor” – Mee Bakso

Guest post #5: Priya from “The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen” – Pies in Pots

Guest post #6: Tisa from “Blessings from My Kitchen” – Fish Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw

Guest post #7: FamilyCook from “The Food I cook” – Oven Roasted Chicken with Pan Roasted Potatoes

Guest post #8: Shazzy Karim from “Seasoned with Shazzy” – Spicy Tomato Sauce Chicken and Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Guest post #9: Rani Arun from “Rani’s Gourmet” – Naadan Chicken Curry/ Country Chicken Curry

Guest post #10: Shibi Thomas from “Flavz Corner” – Badami Chicken

Guest post #11: Revathis from “Samayal2Impress” – Aloo Cheese Kurkure

Guest post #12: Rekha from “Food0licious Pictured” – Almond Burfi

Guest post #13: Shahina from “Shaain’s Cooknotes” – Pan Fried Fish with Spicy Potato Wedges

Guest post #14: Febina KU from “Fabi’s Cookbook” – Individual Mango Cheesecakes

Guest post #15: Rajashree from “Kitchen in a Window” – Coffee Pannacotta

Guest post #16: Divya from “Dishing” – Mushroom Peas Pulao

Guest post #17: Humi from “Gheza-e-shirin” – Butter Chicken

Guest post #18: Anupa from “Palaharam” – Cherry Cake

Guest post #19: Tazeen from “Simply Life” – Russian Kebabs

Guest post #20: Sujitha from “Suji’s Cooking Lab” – Chakka Payasam

Guest post #21: Priya and Tessy from “Drooolsss” – Vazhuthananga/ Brinjal Theeyal

Guest post #22: Ambreen from “Simply Sweet N Savory” – Marmalade Upside-Down Cake

Guest post #23: Sheela from “Korporate 2 Kitchem” – Soya Stuffed Tomatoes

Guest post #24: Sangeetha from “Eat n Eat A Little More” – Sweet Corn Rice

Guest post #25: Chitra from “Indulge” – Kerala Mixture

Guest post #26: Shruti from “Cooking with SJ” – Bhoona Paneer

Guest post #27: Usha Rani from “Maha’s Lovely Home” – Broccoli Cilantro Dal


Now moving on to 2014:


Guest post #28: Sharanya from “Just Not The Cakes” – Creamy Brocoli Cauliflower Gratin

Guest post #29: Resna from “Resna’s Tasty Home” – Pidi Payasam/ Pidi curry

Guest post #30: Vineetha from “Malabar Ruchi” – Gulab Jamun

Guest post #31: “Kitchen Boffin” – Avil Milk

Guest post #32: A non-blogger friend Faheema – Peanut Butter Nutella Brownines

Guest post #33: Laxmi Priya from “Samayal Diary” – Easy Chicken Curry

Guest post #34: Megha from “Me in the Blogland” – Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Bars

Guest post #35: Dhyuthi from “Melange” – Madhura Kalthappam

Guest post #36: Farrukh from “Cubes n Julliennes” – Anjeer Ki Kheer/ Fig Rice Pudding

Guest post #37: Farwin from “Love and Other Spices” – Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets

Guest post #38: Lail from “With the Spin” – Date Chutney

Guest post #39: Umm Fathima from “My Kitchette” – Raagi Rose Hareera

Guest post #40: Preetha from “My Bowl of Curry” – Paneer Kathi Wraps

Guest post #41: Aiza from “La Tour De Force” – Apple Strusel Cake

Guest post #42: Taruna from “Easy Food Smith” – Besan Almond Laddoos

Guest post #43: Razina from “RaaazFoodLove” – Daal Ghosht


My guests for 2015:


Guest post #44: Sathya from “Kitchen Odyssey” – Carrot Rice

Guest post #45: Sona from “Spill the Spices” – Sakkarai Pongal

Guest post #46: Rashida from “Inherited Recipes” – Sweet Sour Chicken Dumpling Gravy

Guest post #47: Remya from “Remya’s Cooking and Baking” – Pomegranate Ice-cream

Guest post #48: Gloria from “Pepper, Chilli and Vanilla” – Apple Praline Bread

Guest post #49: Farheen from “Zaiqedaar” – Awadhi Shikampuri Kababs

Guest post #50: Shabna from “Shabbu’s Tasty Kitchen” – Raagi/ Muthaari Kinnathappam

Guest post #51: Shweta from Merry Tummy – Cheese Chilli Carrot Sandwich

Guest post #52:  Sherin from Kuk’s Kitchen – Orange Chicken

Guest post #53: Sowmya from Tuma’s Tongue Treats – Jamun Koftas

Guest post #54: Fareen from Fa’s Kitchen – Carrot Halwa

Guest post #55: Hiba from Coconut Chutney – Wholewheat Carrot Cake

Guest post #56: Priya from Priya’s Kitchenette – Methi Malai Paneer

Guest post #57: Lubna from Yummy Food – Everyday Haleem


My guests for 2016:


Guest post #58: Ramya from Lemon Kurry – Steamed Strawberry Cake

Guest post #59: Bibi from Calmly Cooking Curry – Mughlai Hara Murg

Guest post #60: Kaveri from Palakkad Chamayal – Thayir Vadai

Guest post #61: Sadia from Savory and Sweet – Bread Butter Pudding with Caramelised Nuts

Guest post #62: Famidha from My Life in Yanbu – Moroccan Rghaif / Msemen and Meloui/ Moroccan Pancakes

Guest post #63: Pavani from Cook’s Hideout – Vegan Pumpkin Pie in Chocolate Crust

Guest post #64: Sharmila from The Happie Friends Potpourri – Chicken Malai Kofta Curry


My guests for 2017:


Guest post #65: Chindinma from Fruitful Kitchen – Lemon Cheesecake Crescent Rolls

Guest post #66: Supriya from Quiche n Tell – Easy Cinnamon Chocolate Pots

Guest post #67: Shanaz from Love to Cook – Lahm Ajeen

Guest post #68: Nusrath from The Food Factory – Vermicelli Cups with Kesar Rabdi Mousse

Guest post #69: Maise Hunns – Baklava