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تقبل الله منا ومنكم

May Allah accept from us, and from you!


As we all celebrate Eid in our vicinity, I am proud to host a fellow Muslimah blogger today as my guest post for this month. She comes from the tiny yet beautiful island of Maldives. There are not many bloggers who share the cuisine of that little country. My memory of Maldives was when I took Air Male to Trivandrum many many years ago, during my school times. We remember landing in the small airport and only seeing sea everywhere, freaking out at the thought of being in between water! 😀 I would love to travel there but with no travel plans in sight now, I am keeping it for my to-do list, InShaAllah. 🙂


Nazeeha, or Nammi, as she is called in the blogging world, blogs at “Chillies and Lime“. Her Maldivian delights actually make me feel that there is so much similarity with our food. Her pavlovas make me feel, “Why amn’t I trying it sooner!” She has a lot of interesting passion fruit recipes on her blog too, a fruit that I really need to work on. I didn’t take her much time to come back with a confirmation on her interest to be a guest on my blog.


What she chose to share is a very simple fruit custard that appears on their tables during Eid. Custard maybe something that we all make, I too make a variation, but what is interesting is that everybody has their own take on it. Do read on to see how she celebrates Eid and then her recipe too…





My  name is Nazeeha, although to my friends  and in the blogging world I am known as Nammi. I live in Male’ City, the capital island of Maldives. I have been writing my blog “Chillies and Lime” for 10 years , started in June 2009 🙂Pin . I started my blog to introduce our local Maldivian cuisine . It also helps Maldivians who live abroad to find recipes they grew up loving especially during the month of Ramadhan when you really miss the local snacks. Apart from local recipes there are various other recipes, mostly simple , easy to prepare meals, as being a tay at home mother of two boys, my days can be quite hectic. About 3 years ago I joined the Culinary Content Network of and also the lovely ladies of Muslimah Food Bloggers.


Growing up in Male’ was a lot different to the Male’ my boys are growing up. But one thing I always try to maintain is to make sure our Eid is always a special day. Eid during my child hood means my mother and any of my aunts is staying with us, will be spending the night cooking  dessert and chicken curry, as there will be visitors  coming in in the morning to wish Eid greetings. There will also be the packs of sweet dishes arriving on the Eid day from neighbours,  and from relatives.


One such dish was this custard. My mother rarely made custard, so I always look forward or rather pray someone would send a bowl of custard on Eid day. It’s just regular custard powder from a can cooked with some water and condensed milk. Then a can of fruit cocktail is added in and left to set. It’s a big favorite with kids and I got this recipe from a friend of mine whose kids also love this.




Custard Recipe.

Serves : 6

500 ml water

3 tbsp custard powder

2-3 tbsp sugar

100 condensed milk

1(410g) fruit cocktail


Mix water, condensed milk, sugar and custard powder in a saucepan till lump free.  Place over a medium heat and bring to simmer, stir to dissolve.

Let the custard thicken, whisking continuously till quite thick.

Drain the syrup from the fruit cocktail and mix into the fruit cocktail. My friend says she prefers to strew the fruit on top of the custard but I like to mix it in.

Pour the mixture into a serving bowl, cool and chill for a few hours before serving.




Wishing all of you the goodness of this Eid in our lives… JazakAllah Khair to Nammi for coming by and gracing this space… 🙂


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  1. Lovely guest post and the guest 🙂

  2. lovely guest post dear..quick fix dessert too!

  3. 🙂 thanks for lettting me do the guest post dear 🙂

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      My absolute pleasure dear! 🙂

  4. Looking so good!! So simple yet so delicious!

  5. Rafeeda AR Author says:

    Thank you so much all of you for your lovely comments…

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