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While I had posted the One Pot Turmeric Veg Rice, I had hinted I would be sharing my version of the vegetable pulao soon. Thankfully, the “soon” has just arrived. πŸ™‚ This rice is something I make whenever we are going out prior to lunch for an outing.


At the moment, it is not advisable to even show your face out in the afternoon, but once October comes by, then majority population will be found at the beaches and parks enjoying their time out. We do not have a friend circle as such, so mostly we don’t move out. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. We do get together for barbecue and lunches with a small group of friends whom HD is comfortable with, otherwise our weekends even during the good months are quiet. I, being a “social” being, crave for more meet-ups and end up arranging something by myself with my set of friends so that the girls also can join in and can have their time. I guess life is all about managing the spouse that He gifts, in whichever condition they are… πŸ˜€


OK, coming back to the pulao, just like the chickpea pulao, I do fried onions for my vegetable pulao as well. I don’t need to mention how much flavor and aroma fried onions can add to a simple dish. To justify my lazy bone, I have used frozen vegetables for this one, but in the comments, I have mentioned about using fresh vegetables, which I do when I have a lot of time and am in an elaborate mood. Off to this very simple recipe…





Vegetable Pulao

Course Rice
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4
Author Rafeeda


  • 3 tbsp oil/ mix of oil and ghee
  • 1 small onion thinly sliced
  • 1 cinnamon bark
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 3 crushed cardamom
  • 2 cloves
  • 10 black peppercorns
  • 10-15 cashew nuts optional
  • 1 sprig curry leaves
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 2 cups mixed vegetables I have used frozen carrots, peas, beans
  • 2 cups basmati rice soaked for 20 minutes and drained
  • 3 1/2 cups hot water
  • 1/2 tsp garam masala
  • Salt to taste


  • Heat the oil in a saucepan. Add the onion and fry till browned. Drain and set aside.
  • In the same oil, add the whole spices, cashew nuts (if using) and curry leaves and fry briefly. Add the second onion and saute till wilted.
  • Add in the vegetables and saute for a few minutes.
  • Add in the rice and saute for five minutes till rice feels crisp.
  • Add in the water, garam masala and salt and give a good mix. Keep on high flame till the water comes to a rolling boil.
  • Reduce flame to bare minimum and cook till the water has evaporated and rice is completely cooked.
  • Add back the fried onions and fluff up with a fork.
  • Serve hot with side of your choice.


If using fresh vegetables, chop them into small pieces to make it easier to cook. I usually use carrots, beans, potatoes and cauliflower along with frozen peas while making it that way. In this case the cooking time will be a little more than the frozen vegetables.


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  1. The vegetable is so so yummy. Indeed fried onions give a lot of flavour to any dish. I use the oil too. This is one dish which can be had just like that paired with a raita.

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Making life simple, isn’t it? Thank you so much Piyali…

  2. Simple yet so flavourful and delicious!

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Angie…

  3. very flavourful treat! perfect one pot meal

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Veena…

  4. Its almost afternoon here and i am getting hungry just by looking at this!

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Nammi…

  5. Yes you have to find your own happiness irrespective of what others do…one pot meals are my favourite…even I often prepare…this looks good

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Amrita…

  6. love the texture of the rice, looks super yumm pot meal perfect to pair with some chicken curry πŸ™‚

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Julie… we have it mostly with just raita and achaar… πŸ™‚

  7. Delicious vegetable pulao…will be yummy with chicken curry…

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Shabbu…

  8. adipoli…. Pulao has come out so perfect…pairing it with some chicken curry would be just heaven

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thank you so much Anupa…

  9. Looks yum. Loved the fact you used curry leaves – I shall do that next time I make veg pulao. So there is no ginger garlic green chillie – which saves time! :-HEHEHE Garam spices and garam masala! thats double dose of garam! This seems to be a very easy one and still you lazy bone uses frozen veggies! You are cute dear! About the men – F can’t escape such meetups in Yanbu as he has to drive me -LOL

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Hehe… you can call this lazy bone vegetable pulao! πŸ˜‰ Sometimes I wish I was living in KSA so that HD would drive me around, but knowing his character, I may end up being home full time, so Alhamdulillah for UAE! πŸ˜€

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