Peanut Chutney | Groundnut Chutney

A simple peanut based chutney, that go amazingly well with dosas and idli…




How is everyone, who is reading this post at the moment? I know the summers are very relentless back in the UAE and the rain hasn’t been that kind back home, considering that they got a decent amount of rain during April and May. Even though Covid doesn’t seem to be on its way out any soon, everyone has kind of given up on it and living life the way they want to. It explains that despite warnings and rules for mask wearing, we hardly see anyone wearing masks here in the US. I am used to wearing them that it has become a part of my outfit and my sister is paranoid, that she has kept a whole pack of masks in the car, in case she forgets to wear them at home. How much ever uncomfortable it may be, it is better to be safe.


Talking about the weather, it has been pretty good over here, though over the past couple of days, it has been really hot. At times, rain comes in and makes it better but most of the time, the sun is so hot that it literally burns the skin. The last time we withered in the heat here was when we went walking on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. I got a really bad tan, that isn’t going off even now. 😀 The best we do then is to walk in a mall or go a little later and be out for just a couple of hours. Last week, we tried going on a trail and the heat pushed us out of the place within an hour… Hehe… I know UAE is hoter, so I am not complaining… 😉




I have been trying to figure out what to post, and then since I had made this peanut chutney when my sister made masala dosa for dinner, I thought I better post it before it’s too late. My girls only like to eat the regular thenga chutney, come what may be and they wouldn’t accept anything apart from it. I love thakkali chutney but I make it rarely since no one is fond of it. Once I had already made idlis and was going to make chutney, when I realized I didnt have enough coconut. I had no cash to buy too – a very rare instance, I at least have ten bucks in my purse! – and had to search for better ideas. I had a pack of peanuts in my pantry and it reminded me of a chutney I had at a restaurant that tasted really amazing. After a little bit of searching, the chutney was made and the girls loved it. I am just thankful that I have another chutney to rely on when I get fed up of making coconut chutney each time. Hehe…


If you have shelled peanuts, then this chutney is a breeze to make. I have added a little coconut for some body, but it is optional. Most of the recipes do not cook the chutney, but I prefer to cook it on low flame for just a little time, till the raw smell of peanuts are gone. You can also roast the peanuts in advance and grind them.  The whole point is at the end of the meal, you will end up licking the bowl. It is that delicious… Off to this simple recipe…





Peanut Chutney | Groundnut Chutney

Course Dips
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 4
Author Rafeeda AR


  • 1 cup peanuts split
  • 1/4 cup grated coconut
  • 1-2 dry red chillies
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 small peice tamarind
  • Salt to taste


  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp urad dal
  • 1 sprig curry leaves
  • 1 dry red chillies
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder


  • Grind ingredients from peanut to salt, adding a little water, till smooth.
  • In a small saucepan, heat oil and splutter the mustard seeds.
  • Add the urad dal, curry leaves and dry red chilli and fry for a couple of seconds.
  • Add the peanut chutney paste and add turmeric powder. Adjust seasoning. and allow it to cook on very low flame just till the raw smell is gone.
  • Switch off and serve hot with idlis or dosas.


The cooking of the chutney is optional. If you like its raw taste, simply temper and pour into the ground paste. 
If using roasted peanuts, the cooking step can be ignored as well. 

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