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After missing this series last week, thanks to a packed schedule, I am back again with another beautiful guest post. This time, it is by a dear blogger friend of mine, who prefers calling herself Familycook. She blogs at The Food I Cook, and she has posted more than 300 recipes, which is no mean feat! Now she has the smoothies series on, and I must tell you that each time she posts a smoothie, I have a little well in my mouth!!! Hehe…I am really glad to have found her on blogosphere and we now have a little friendship going on by email, which I am very happy about, Alhamdulillah. She is to me like a big sister, who guides me on in her own way, especially related to behaving with kids. I find her advice really helpful in all ways and she seems to be a sweetheart right away. Actually  I feel lucky to have found such sweethearts all across through my little months of blogging. It’s like a gift from the Almighty for me. 🙂 I guess without much of my blabbering, I should move on to what she has to offer for all of us…

I could have that platter for myself…


Hello The Big Sweet Tooth readers, I am Familycook (the pseudonym I have given myself), and I am the author of my blog The food I cook . I thank Rafeeda for giving me an opportunity to be guest posting here on her amazing  space. Today I going  to share with you a two-fold recipe of Chicken and potatoes. The Chicken is very close to the
traditional Tandoori Chicken and the Potatoes have a very unique crispy masala coated crust. Like always, I have not used the food coloring that is generally used in the making of the traditional tandoori chicken and have instead used
Kashmiri mirch powder. I have ground my own garam masala which is slightly different than my usual one, and the ingredients for it have been mentioned in the actual recipe.


This recipe has to be planned and worked in couple steps. I started by marinating the chicken, just because the longer it marinates, the juicier and succulent it turns out:) Then went ahead and boiled the potatoes. Later, I pan roasted the potatoes while the chicken was cooking in the pot. Call it multi-tasking! . Let’s get straight into the recipe now:)
For the Chicken
Whole, skinless Chicken-1
Salt- to taste
Kashmiri Mirch powder- as needed
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Coriander powder-2 tsps
Garam masala powder
(cumin seeds, black cardamom, cloves, black pepper corns, Cinnamon sticks) – 1 1/2 tsp
Ginger-garlic paste-1 1/2 tbs
Oil-2 tbs
Water-1/2 cup
To garnish.,
Fresh cilantro-as needed
Fresh mint-a few sprigs
Lime wedges-a few
Boiled eggs-two, sliced
For the potatoes.,
Potatoes-4 medium, boiled,
peeled and cubed
Salt-to taste
Kashmiri mirch powder- 1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Rice flour-1 -2 tbs
Coriander powder-1 tsp
Oil-as needed
Directions for the Chicken

1.  Trim the fat, wash the chicken and pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Mix together in a bowl the spices and seasonings, that include the salt, mirch powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, oil, ginger-garlic paste and the coriander powder well and rub this marinade onto the chicken inside and out.
3. Refrigerator it for an hour.
4. Place a heavy bottomed pot on medium-high heat, pour water and place the marinated chicken (breast side down into the pot carefully, cover the pot with a lid and cook until there is lot more liquid than what was added.
5. Flip the chicken using two large spoons and cook on high heat until the liquid begins to dry up and you see the oil seperate from the gravy.
6. Turn your broiler on your over on, selecting the high setting.
7. Turn the stove off and lift the Chicken up  without the liquid, and place it breast side up, onto a greased baking dish and  broil for 5-7 minutes and keep basting  the chicken with the liquid left in the pot.
8. After 7 minutes, flip it to expose the back side up and allow it to broil for another 5-8 minutes until it starts to turn darker in color.
9. Remove the chicken and place it on a platter and garnish with fresh cilantro, mint leaves,  boiled eggs and  lime wedges.
10 Enjoy! 

Directions for the Potatoes:
1.Place the cubed potatoes in a bowl, sprinkle salt, red mirch powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, rice flour one after the other and toss it each time to allow the potatoes to get coated evenly.
2.Heat oil in a pan and cook the potatoes on medium heat until they develop a crispy crust.
3.Turn off the stove and place them on a platter that you want to serve your Chicken on and set aside.



It’s just morning here, I am yet to have breakfast and I am posting this chicken recipe for all of you. I hope you guys can understand my plight!!! My stomach is literally growling to be fed this fantastic looking chicken, but my dear stomach, you should know, that I am NOT going to give you any non-veg to start the day!!! :T


Thank you so much dear FamilyCook (I wish I could call out your name here!!! 😉 ) for being such a sweetheart and agreeing for this lovely guest post. Wishing all you guys out there a very happy weekend… 🙂

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  1. Wow! A lovely guest post,as usual! Looks yummy! 🙂

    1. thank u so much rita… 🙂

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  3. lovely guest post . let me now move on to her page.

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  4. Rafee that is so much my kind of food it is morning here too and I am totally ready for lunch he heee…looks really juicy.Will surely visit her space.

    1. ah.. u seem to be so much like me… how much i had to control my early morning tummy growls to put up this post!!! 😀

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  5. lovely guest post.chicken looks delicious.

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  6. OMG Rafeeda, that was one impressive intro about me:) I am honored to be your friend and cherish your friendship as much as you do.Thank you!

    1. please don't be so humble dear… i'm the one to be thankful to do this for me… 🙂

  7. Wow! This looks so delicious and perfect Rafeeda 🙂

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  8. deliciously flavoured dish looks wonderful

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  10. Thank you FamilyCook and thank you Rafeeda for introducing us to her. Roast chicken looks lovely.

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