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PinThe third guest post for the month, before I come back to live posting soon… InShaAllah…


My interaction with Sowmya started all of a sudden. From comments on each other’s blog to being quite good chat mates… I have enjoyed each and every time we have chatted to each other. It was interesting to see how much we were able to help each other – especially when she had information of what I needed and I had what she needed! A casual comment on the “Be My Guest” post sometime ago was what started our coordination for a guest post. She had just been blessed with her little bundle of joy, V, and she was hands full as a new mother, yet she expressed her interest to be a part of my blog. And finally, she is here… We had been discussing about the content of the guest post and she was hinting at “Jamun Koftas” all the time. I was really intrigued as to what was actually “jamun” but didn’t want to ask her since I love surprises and decided to wait till I received her post. As soon as I got her post, I eagerly checked and gawked at the new avatar she had given to Gulab Jamun mix! Wow… Another thing that really made me laugh was she asking me whether I wanted a red gravy or a white gravy. Since I am “the BST”, she thought she would adapt the white gravy and that is what she did. I only told her one thing, “My dear, you make it sound like you are sending me the dish across!” Hehe…


Without me doing more story telling, let me move on to her lovely post…



This is the second time I am playing the virtual guest. I rarely do or host guest posts as I myself don t get much time to blog. However, I do so for people whom I share a special connect with on blogosphere.

I am Sowmya aka‘Tuma’.  I hail from Coimbatore and now married and settled in Singapore (Yes, the so-called Food Paradise) with my family. Considerable years of  my childhood were also spent in Hyderabad. I evince great interest in cooking, eating and carving new recipes. My educational focus was on Food and Nutrition – and that makes me add an extra dimension in shaping up my recipe space.That’s for my background.  Besides cooking, my other hobbies are singing, dancing, painting and creating glass art.

Today’s guest post is for Rafeeda @ Rafs, who pens The Big Sweet Tooth, one of my blog buddies. She is a super mom who juggles between her family and career and is very passionate about cooking. I like her writing style as it gives a feel of chatting with her in person. Above all, I love her space and her recipe collection too. She has a hand in Malabari cuisine and is very passionate about baking and making sweets and other cuisines as well. I suggest you all to surf around her space for some great eats.

Now… I wanted to post something nice and different for such a passionate cook. I din’t have to think much as I instantly decided its going to be a rich North Indian style gravy. To be precise , the flavours are influenced from the Indo- Persian cuisine.

Though I am a South Indian, I equally love North Indian dishes. I have special  liking for creamy and rich gravies -Paneer or Kofta based ones to be specific. These not only satiate your taste buds, but also satiates your tummy when served in small quantities and are ideal for lunch, dinner or a party menu . They pair well with Rotis, Puris, Pulaos or even plain Basmati rice. Hop on to Rafs space for the recipe.

I would call this Jamun Kofta curry a serendipity… I accidentally discovered Jamuns to be a good alternative  when I ran out of Paneer stock one day. It was a life saver during one of my lunch invites and also earned me praises. The Koftas dunked in rich Shahi gravy was not only soft but was a perfect replacement to the otherwise Paneer/ Vegetable based patties. The same can also be tried with the usual Onion Tomato gravy. But the Shahi gravy is a better bet. I have gone a bit easy on the amount of cashew nuts in the gravy as opposed to the original version
that calls for almost  a quarter kg. Read on now to know my version…
For the Gravy
Onion: 300 gms.
Cashew nut: 50 gms.
Bay leaf (tejpatta): 2-3nos.
Cloves: 5 nos.
Green cardamom: 4 nos.
Cinnamon sticks: 1/2 no.
Ginger: 1/2 inch.
Garlic: 4- 5 flakes.
Green chillies: 6-8 nos.( adjust according to pungency)
Desi ghee: 20 Gms.
Cream: 4 – 5 tbsb
Salt to taste
Kasoori Methi 2 to 3 generous pinches
For Koftas
1 1/2 cup Store bought Jamun mix
1 heaped tbsp green or black raisins chopped
Oil to fry the Koftas
·  Peel, wash and roughly cut onions, put in a vessel with 100ml of water, add bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and green chillies ginger and garlic.Bring to boil and then simmer on a medium flame until onions become soft and liquid is evaporated.
·  Remove the bay leaf and transfer to a blender and make a smooth paste of it.
·  Wash and boil cashew nuts also, make a paste of it .
·  In a Kadai, heat ghee, add onion paste, cashew nut paste and cook on a slow flame until ghee surfaces. If the gravy becomes too thick, add 1/4 cup of milk.  Add Kasoori Methi and salt. Cook for two minutes and switch off.
·  Stir in fresh cream and mix well and your gravy is ready.
·  Pulse the Jamun mix twice in a mixer to ensure that there are no lumps. Add the chopped raisins into it and sprinkle water to make a smooth dough like how you would for Gulab Jamuns.
·  Heat oil in a Kadai and keep the flame simmered always. Divide the dough into 4 or 5 portions and roll into smooth roundels without any cracks.
·  Gently drop the Koftas two at a time in the hot oil and fry in simmered flame until the insides are cooked and the exterior turns into a deep brown. Drop the Koftas gently into the prepared gravy. Simmer for few minutes and switch off. This gives sufficient time for the Koftas to soak in the gravy. Serve hot with Chapathis, Parathas, Puri or Pulao.
I wish I could take away the curry and chapathis and relish on them right away! Looks delicious right… Thank you so much to all my readers for being a constant presence even in my physical absence… 🙂

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  1. this is such an innovative dish, lovely

    1. Thank you Razina and thank you Rafee for organizing it so well and writing so many sweet things about me.

    2. Thank you so much Razina and it was a pleasure having your around Sowmya… 🙂

  2. I read this recipe twice !
    I am head over heals , wow this is really good !
    Only one doubt ,are the jamuns sweet ? I have never used packet ones before 🙂

    1. The packet jamuns are not sweet… That much I can say, Hiba! Thank you so much for coming by… 🙂

  3. These look really delicious!

    1. Thanks a lot Beulah…

  4. Look delicious.. Creamy sauce..

    1. Thanks a lot Veena…

  5. this is an innovative idea…:)

    1. Thanks a lot Amrita… 🙂

  6. Thats a interesting kofta sowmya.Love to try this at home,looks so rich.Really nice of you bringing so many wonderful guest rafee,

    1. Thank you so much Sathya…

  7. Innovative recipe. Looks yummy

    1. Thanks a lot Beena…

  8. such a lovely guest post <3 it looks amazing

    1. Thanks a lot Monu…

  9. Looks so delicious, lovely kofta curry..

    1. Thanks a lot Sona…

  10. Wonderful post sowmya….kofta looks awesome

    1. Thanks a lot Farin…

  11. wonderful recipe…nice totally..

    1. Rafeeda AR Author says:

      Thanks a lot Usha…

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