Saturday Snapshots #4 ~ Whole Spices

PinI had already mentioned in my pizza post of last week, that I have become a part of this exciting challenge put together by Siri and Shweta, in the name of “Saturday Snapshots”. I joined the group with a lot of apprehension as to how much effort and time I can put into their projects, but let’s see how things go, since I do want to learn and improve my food photography. Whenever I ask my good blogger friends, who are awesome food photographers themselves, the advice they give me is “practice, practice and practice”. I know that’s the main thing required, and I also know that I am plainly lazy to invest my time into it…


If I tell you that I don’t get a moment to rest and my whole day, including weekends are packed with something or the other, you all would believe but there is one thing – if you love to do something, you would somehow find time for it. I love to cook, so I find time for it. I more than that love to bake, so I find time for it. Since I know I want to blog about it, I take out some time painstakingly and go ahead and click it, though my clicking time is hardly 15 minutes maximum. Spending more time than that somehow does not interest me nor do I have the leisure to do so. Now what I am trying to learn is to maximize my output within the time I have. Let’s see how much I succeed… πŸ™‚


The project #4 was whole spices. I wanted to click star anise, but I really don’t like that spice though it looks beautiful. Then I kept staring at my two jars of cardamom and peppercorns, vouching for my attention. Finally, the cardamom won, hands down! I love cardamom in my tea, my coffee, and my food – in powder form, that is. If I bite it, I can’t take it! Hehe… but the look and the smell is enough to get me off to another level! Here are my shots for this series…



This was supposed to be a “no-typing, only photograph” kind of a post. This means I just can’t stop blabbering, come what may be for any post. Hehe… I would really appreciate all your suggestions and feedback, and hope I will be able to put it into use!


Linking this to Shweta’s post for this project… do check out to find what other members of the group had done!


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  1. Rafee, that's a good shot indeed!

  2. Gud one..loved the last shot πŸ™‚

  3. nice click yaar. and regarding the old fashioned oats…it is surely avaialbale in most shope..definitely in LuLu. I had a post on all the types of oats available in Lulu . do check that out.

  4. Thank you so much dear friends… πŸ™‚

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