Event Round-up ~ “My Legume Love Affair” (MLLA) #109


As you may know, I had hosted the MLLA #109 last month. Thank you Lisa for the opportunity to host the event. Moving on to the delicious recipes I received as entries for this event:


First up was “Ulundu Saadam” by Mildly Indian – a delicious South Indian rice combined with black urad dal, definitely a forgotten, goodness loaded recipe… Thank you for sharing, Seema…



An attempt at making “Handvo” by The Humble Lentil was the next entry…



Who wouldn’t love this “Tomato and Basil Chickpea Burger” by Roast Chicken & A Country Walk… Definitely a meal I would consider digging my teeth into!



This “Zucchini Broad Beans Peas Mint Soup” bought over by Allotment to Kitchen is just perfect for a cold winter night…



And finally my entry into the event – my favorite Chickpea Pulao… 🙂



Thank you to all who took the effort to participate in the event. I am excited to have got some very interesting recipes as a part of the event… 🙂




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