Event Roundup – My Legume Love Affair #103


The month of January has come to an end, so has the event of “My Legume Love Affair” #103. I would like to thank Lisa for the opportunity to host this month and to all who participated by linking into the event.


Below are some of the beautiful entries that I got linked up as a part of this event:


Chana Palak by Lisa’s Vegeterian Kitchen – nothing like this combination for a cozy winter night, right?


Chana Palak


Including sprouts into our diet is becoming imperative due to its health benefits. Here is an interesting “Moong Sprout Dosa” shared by Padmajha.



Horsegram is an ingredient slowly coming back into Indian diets, after almost becoming extinct. Yeleena shares a delicious rasam off it.



In the south of India, there are wide varieities of desserts using lentils and Sandhya shares a drool-worthy Arisi Paruppu Payasam – a thick dessert with rice and lentils. Interestingly, this is the only dessert that got shared in this event! 😀



I love wholesome meals that are complete with vegetables and legumes, and the Eritrean Berbere Tagine by Allotment to Kitchen just seems to fit the bill!



Kanji is an essential part of Kerala food, especially during flu season. Shabbu comes up with a very interesting variation including moong dal and the powerhouse muringa leaves. I am so going to try this one soon… 🙂



The VegHog came by with her Falafel platter – looks really delicious, right? And what’s best, it is baked!



Stuffed vegetables are a delight to eat, yet easy to prepare as well. Sadhana’s Bell Peppers stuffed with black eyed beans looks like an eye pleasing dish, that will surely taste amazing too… after all, black eyed beans is my favorite among the legume family. 🙂



Being a lover of sambaar saadam, I have been wanting to make Bisibelebath for quite some time. Sharmila shares her recipe that even has a recipe for the home made spice mix, making my task easier!



Fix Me a Lunch linked in this comforting looking bowl of Black Lentils with Poached Egg – who wouldn’t say a no to this?



One thing I love about events is getting introduced to new ingredients.  Do hop on to what an interesting recipe Kanak has shared. She called it “Curried Lentil Flour” and it is basically cooked black lentil flour in spices. Looking at the dish, I am really intrigued about its flavors… Aren’t all of you? 🙂



While I was wondering if my blogging BF was missing the boat, she didn’t! 😀 Fami came across with this interesting Winter Gourd with Yellow Mung Daal, cooked the Bengali style… so apt with a bowl of rice and curd! Yum…



Ruxana comes along with a beautiful and healthy Green Gram Payasam for this event… I love these kind of desserts which satisfies your sweet pangs without any guilt feeling. 🙂



And finally, from the host, my humble and favorite Varutharacha Sambaar – Malabar style mixed vegetable lentil stew with roasted coconut paste… YUM!



I hope you all enjoyed going through the round-up and have already bookmarked this whole page to try the delicious varieties that could make your meal time so easy! Have a great weekend ahead… 🙂



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