Event Announcement – “My Legume Love Affair” #109


I am glad to be back hosting the lovely event “My Legume Love Affair” again this year, after doing it in January. This is the edition #109, successfully being carried forward by Lisa, while the event was started by Susan. This is a very straightforward event, so do cook up your favorite dish where the lentil is the star and link it into here!


Quickly running through the easy rules to be a part of the event:


  1. The event is open for the whole month of July.
  2. Any recipe where legume is the key ingredient, are welcome to be linked. A legume is normally a dried pulse, lentil or beans, and I am sure many of you are already aware of how to use them up in different formats! ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Entries must be vegetarian โ€“ eggs and dairy is allowed.
  4. Only one entry per participant is allowed.
  5. Please link only new posts, no archived posts are allowed.
  6. Non-bloggers are also allowed to participate โ€“ simply mail in your recipe along with a picture of the dish to <sweettoothraf@gmail.com>
  7. Please ensure to mention the below statement in your post โ€“ to make your job easier, simply copy and paste! โ€“ โ€œLinking this post to MLLA #109, conceptualized by Susan and hosted by Lisa.โ€
  8. ย Though the use of the logo is not mandatory, it is very much appreciated as it will help spread the word.


So thatโ€™s pretty much it! So get into your kitchens, don your aprons and get going! Hoping to see all your lovely entries hereโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚




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