Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah… Peace and Blessing be with all of you… 🙂


This page is a reflections of my trial and error in the my little kitchen lab. I had never liked cooking and my HD was never a foodie, but now that I am forced to do it for my kids, I have slowly started getting inclined and Alhamdulillah, recipes that I am trying are becoming delectable!!! I forget the ‘magical touches’ that I have put into any recipe and that’s when this chronological practice started….
A little about myself – My name is Rafeeda, a full-time working mom with two adorable yet naughty daughters, trying to balance work and life!!! 🙂 I am basically an Indian, a Keralite to be specific (or Malabari as we are called here!!!), having literally lived my complete life apart from the first four months of survival in a country called UAE, to be specific, in Sharjah and Dubai. It is like second home to me. This would explain why my favorite food is Lebanese kebabs and grilled fare – I just love them!!! I would like to dedicate this page first and foremost to my HD – whose lack of interest in food has driven me to try and cook what he may like! My children are small for the time being, but definitely I would not like them to point fingers at me when they grow up big enough to question how good a cook their mother is!!! I am not a good cook, nor am I a decent one. But I know for sure, that when I put my heart out into what I concoct in the kitchen, it turns out to be super delicious.
The next is the place I come from and am married to – Malabar, which shares so much of its cooking prowess with the northern side of Kerala, known for its Thalassery Biriyani, muttamaala and tyre pathiri. I really wonder when I am going to master in all those!!! However, I am seriously determined to try and hopefully, I will be able to capture in a lot of those foods that contribute to the beauty of Malabar…
What can you expect here? Anything Halal – I am not very keen on only doing Malabari cuisine, I am more keen on preparing good meals that my family and I can eat. So my recipes here will be a mixture of whatever I like to cook, not limited to Malabar cuisine, which I am myself trying to learn from whichever sources I can learn from, including the net and my heaps of cookbooks and cutouts!!! You will keep seeing me mention the three men in my life – HD (Hubby Darling!!! Hehe…), D (Daddy) and B (Bro). My cooking is centralized on the opinion of these three, and occasionally, my lovely colleagues as well… 🙂
There is nothing great in the photographs, though I try my level best to improve wherever I can. I use a Nikon D3100 with its base lens and still learning to fidget with this toy though it has been with me since the start of the blogging journey!
Welcome to all of you, for being a part of my little journey…
Please feel free to post comments, good or bad, about the recipes I post. I would love to get constructive feedback. But no spamming or rude remarks please! It is always better to be good to each other all the time! I would be more than happy to hear and communicate with people who have the love for food. Please feel free to write to me. My email address is:
sweettoothraf (at) gmail (dot) com