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Monday, November 11, 2013

Favorite Recipes - Payasams/Kheers: Event Round Up

It totally missed my head that I was supposed to do the round up for the Favorite Recipes Event that I had hosted for October, on the theme of Payasams/ Kheers! First of all, I thank Swathi for giving me the opportunity to host the event.

Going on to the round-up, I received a total of 17 delicious lip-smacking payasams/ kheers, let us go through one by one - I am really wondering how I am going to control myself while I finish up this round up!!! Thank you so much ladies for sending me all these droolicious payasams! I wish I could taste them rather than just gaze at the pictures! :)

Lauki Ki Kheer and Makhana Ki Kheer by Simply Delicious

Lychee Payasam by Elephants and the Coconut Trees

Badam Kheer by Samayal 2 Impress

Carrot Semiya Payasam by Cook-Ezee

Aval Payasam and Semiya Payasam by Cooks and Facts

Aval PayasamVermicili Kheer

Unnakkaya Payasam by Femi's Kitchen

Semiya Payasam and Kadalaparippu Pradhaman by FoodOlicious Pictured

Carrot Kheer by Chef Mirelle

Carrot Payasam

Rice Kheer and Sheer Kurma by RaaaZzzfoodlove

Paneer Kheer by The Flavorista


Paasi Paruppu Paayasam by Ma Niche

Chakka Pradhaman by Flavors I Luv

Sabudana Semiya Payasam by The Zesty South Indian Kitchen

So there you go - isn't the list irresistible??? Hope all of you are having a wonderful day... :)


  1. Oops... I mised sending my 2 entries here :(

  2. nice roundup!!!, hey my blog name reads as RaaaZzzfoodlove as one word.... :)

  3. How come I missed this event :( :( You got some innovative entries.

  4. wow thats a drool worthy kheer collections :) very nice roundup dear :)

  5. execllent round up...you have got a nice collections dear!!

  6. Ooohhh Payasam mela.....I just scrolled down at lightening speed :)) cannot stand the sight of so many together and not getting to taste even one right now.

  7. Very nice roundup dear. I am sorry for not sending mine for this nice event. Kind of busy with many stuff going around. All the kheers are looking yummy.

    1. that's fine dear... maybe next time...

  8. Oh Oh. I missed it though I so wanted to send an entry this time :( Lovely round up Rafee :)

  9. all very new to me, looks delicious though

  10. Whoa!!! these are some Payasams!!! Totally mouthwatering!!

  11. Wow ! festival time here Rafee..Punishment for me rather.Too yummy to resist !

  12. i ddn kno abt ths event at all... nyc roundup Rafeeda... kudos to the participants fr these delicious kheers

  13. thank u all for your lovely comments and appreciation... :)

  14. How in the world did I miss all this deliciousness ?!


I'd love to hear from all of you for my humble attempt. It would definitely be a big morale booster!!! :)